Government climate and health equity priorities must prompt a deeper re-think of health and healthcare for the 21st century

Editorial by Dr Alex Macmillan and Dr Rhys Jones. The New Zealand Medical Journal 31 August 2018, Vol 131 No 1481.

'This year, in an historic move, the Minister of Health issued letters of expectation to all DHBs which included a directive for action by DHBs to address climate change, together with a priority to reduce health inequities. The new climate change requirement recognises that the health sector is not only a major contributor to the greatest public health issue facing us, but also has the potential to show leadership in addressing climate change in ways that protect and promote health. It can be put in the context of healthcare ethics, particularly that it is unethical to provide healthcare while also harming health through environmental pollution. For this reason, accounting for environmental impacts of healthcare is enshrined in the legislation governing District Health Boards.'

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‘Healthy Climate, Healthy People’


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