Greater Wellington Regional Council Long Term Plan 2018-2028

Submission 30 April 2018

OraTaiao submission on Greater Wellington Regional Council Long Term Plan (GWRC LTP) 2018-2028

'Our five main messages are:
1. Apply WREMO’s #1 resilience priority – risk reduction
2. Plan for net zero regional transport emissions before 2028

3. Ensure other emission sources are on track for net zero in 2030s
4. Adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as GWRC’s framework1 for long-term planning (including helping close  the growing wealth gap in this region)
5. Urgently update GWRC’s climate strategy:
  - set strong targets towards 2030s net zero regional economy
  - monitor international aviation and shipping emissions risk
  - include realistic emissions costs in all GWRC analysis.'

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