Zero Carbon Bill

Submission 19 July 2018

OraTaiao submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the Zero Carbon Bill

Thank you for the opportunity to have input into the Zero Carbon Bill. This submission was prepared by representative members of OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council below.

As New Zealand’s premier climate change NGO focused on wellbeing and equity, we would also welcome the opportunity to have further input into the drafting and form of the eventual Zero Carbon Act and the Climate Change Commission.

We welcome the Bill, which is not just crucial to reducing New Zealand emissions, but is also some of the most important health legislation of our generation. OraTaiao, alongside other experts in climate change and health, considers that tackling climate change is potentially the greatest global health opportunity this century. With that in mind, our submission is focused on the potential health gains and the other co-benefits from New Zealand reducing its emissions.

Read the rest of the submission here.


‘Healthy Climate, Healthy People’


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