Submission on MfE INDC Consultation

Submission on Government’s consultation on setting New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change target.  OraTaiao calls for:

  • Inclusion of health and fairness in the assessment of costs and benefits.
  • Committment to a global zero carbon target by 2050 - with NZ gazetting this zero carbon target now to replace our current 2050 target, and setting annual steps from 2015 to get there well before 2050 and stay within the overall global carbon budget.
  • A pledge of at least 40% cuts by 2030 in our gross domestic greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990, towards at least 95% by 2050.
  • An immediate moratorium on fossil fuel exploration, and pledges to phase out existing extraction in the next decade.
  • Credible cross-party plans in the INDC, with a legislated independent Climate Commission to ensure NZ meets its targets and stays within the global carbon budget.
  • Protection of health in the climate-vulnerable Pacific region from the preventable impacts of climate change.

Along with the following health specific requests:

  • Commitment by the Minister of Health to attend the International Climate and Health Summit (which is planned alongside the Paris climate negotiations in December 2015);
  • A Parliamentary climate change and health summit;
  • Health sector leadership on mitigation and adaptation to locked-in climate impacts on health;
  • Involvement of public health expertise in climate mitigation policy development to maximise opportunities for health and fairness and minimise negative unintended consequences;
  • Health (including equity) Impact Assessment (HIA) used routinely to inform key climate-relevant policies.

Read full submission here. Appendix here.

‘Healthy Climate, Healthy People’


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