Submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council’s draft Annual Plan 2016/2017

A: Summary

OraTaiao: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council is submitting in response to the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s draft Annual Plan 2016/2017, available at This submission starts by summarising our main recommendations, introduces OraTaiao, and then gives more detail on our recommendations.
We would like the opportunity to speak to our submission (mainly on topic 3), thank you.

Our seven main recommendations are:

1. Use our finite rates resource for fast infrastructure investment for our zero emissions future – before adaptation costs accelerate over this
2. Quickly put in place the three essential components of our region’s zero emissions transport: i. safe walking and cycling for most journeys under 2km (and preferably longer) ii. frequent, reliable and affordable public transport for longer journeys and for people with physical disabilities or with young dependents iii. a widespread car share vehicle network – to help grow both active and public transport
3. Investigate light rail as the step change to deliver zero emissions transport at sufficient scale
4. Electrify GWRC’s vehicle fleet with fleet cars available for hourly public hire, accelerating car share growth to the hundreds of vehicles we need.
5. Seize opportunities such as ‘Let’s Get Wellington Moving’ (better named ‘Fair Affordable Access’) and encourage cross-sectoral policies and funding that increase accessibility of jobs, study, recreation, goods and services, whilst increasing the region’s population health and resilience.
6. Research (and action) into transport/access barriers for our region’s most vulnerable urban households – so zero emissions policies increase fairness.
7. Avoid being locked into increasing costs of maintaining road access to Wellington’s low-lying Lyall Bay airport, and dramatic increases in climate-damaging aviation emissions.

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‘Healthy Climate, Healthy People’


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