Health Equity and Climate Change

Climate change will have a large impact on health equity - the fair distribution of good health across all people.

The negative health impacts of climate change will hit hardest the people who already experience disadvantage and/or ill-health.  In Aotearoa-New Zealand this includes Māori and Pacific people, children, the elderly, those with disabilities, and those on low incomes.

On the other hand, if health equity is kept at the centre of climate policy-making, it is possible to improve health, health equity and the climate simultaneously.


Our Work

Climate change and the right to health for Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand - Harvard Health and Human Rights Journal, July 2014

Health and equity impacts of climate change in Aotearoa New Zealand, and health gains from climate action - New Zealand Medical Journal, November 2014

‘Healthy Climate, Healthy People’


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