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Opinion in Stuff news November 2020

People don't need educating on cycleways, just do it. Dr Dermot Coffey. Stuff news, 10 November 2020.

We need to focus on the systemic and structural barriers to climate change actions, and to make use of health expertise in our climate change response.

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Comment piece in Newsroom, 4 October 2020

Leaders need to lead on climate action. Rod Oram. Newsroom, 4 October 2020.

OraTaiao's scorecard rating political parties' policies on climate change & health is showcased in this comment piece by journalist Rod Oram. See here.


Q&A in Stuff, 6 May 2020

Climate Explained: How the climate impact of beef compares with plant-based alternatives.

Dr Alexandra Macmillan and Jono Drew answer questions on how food choices make a difference to the climate impact of our diet. Read here.


Q&A in The Conversation, 7 August 2019

Climate Q&A: will we be less healthy because of climate change? Dr Alexandra Macmillan. The Conversation, 7 August 2019.

The overwhelmingly negative effects of climate change on health are a strong argument for urgent action to reduce our climate pollution. More here.


Column in Otago Daily Times, 24 June 2019

A clean bill of health. Dr Alexandra Macmillan. Otago Daily Times, 24 June 2019.

Strong legislation on addressing climate change can leave us all better off. Read article here.


Column in Otago Daily Times, 11 March 2019

Striking at the heart of the issue. Dr Alex Macmillan. Otago Daily Times, 11 March 2019.

Children are going on strike over their health and wellbeing while schools are still burning coal. More here.


Op Ed in NZ Herald, 31 Dec 2015

TPP could trump climate accord. Drs Josh Freeman and Hayley Bennett. New Zealand Herald, 31 Dec 2015

Trade deal gives polluters power to sue governments who try to implement the Paris agreement. More here.


Op Ed in NZ Herald, 27 Nov 2015

TPP must not block the path to healthy climate action. Drs Alex Macmillan and Rhys Jones. New Zealand Herald, 27 Nov 2015

The path towards a healthy climate will be a rocky one in the coming year. December's global negotiations in Paris are a crucial crossroads for choosing between bold new routes to health through well-designed climate action or continuing to threaten human survival and wellbeing. Meanwhile, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is about to add another giant obstacle to progress.

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OpEd NZ Herald Oct 2014

Trade deal needs urgent check up. Dr Joshua Freeman. NZ Herald 31 Oct 2014.

Foreign investors would be given a powerful new lever to delay sound new health regulations for their own commercial interests.

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OpEd Dom Post May 2014

'Trade accord carries health warning'.  Dr's Mark Smith and Anne Maclennan.  Dominion Post, 13 May 2014.

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