Practical Tips for Health Professionals to Address Climate Change



  • Ask for strong GHG emissions reduction measures by central government and local government. See OraTaiao submission on NZ’s post 2020 climate target (INDC).
  • Monitor and promote local government initiatives to rapidly reduce emissions, see 


  • Educate and encourage patients and colleagues in climate change action.
  • Offset your carbon emissions - go to Here you can offset your emissions due to air travel, road travel and annual electricity usage. We encourage you to request your employer to act responsibly and consider carbon-offset costs as part of any healthcare-related business travel.
  • Write letters for eligible patients to get subsidised home insulation:
  • Make Green Prescriptions ( truly green—advise the health AND climate benefits of increasing transport-related physical activity and eating less red meat.
  • Reduce your workplace footprint—see
  • Green your practice—use the NZ-specific 'Toolkit for Greening Your Practice' by Drs Rebecca Randerson and Rochelle Phipps, to help individual medical centres and others make environmentally responsible changes day-to-day that are easy and cost-effective: Greening Your Practice Toolkit.