• Stuff: Flying doctors - will health workers break their high-emitting habits?

    Article on the climate harming emissions produced by international travel in the health sector, with comments from OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey. Read here

  • OraTaiao supports climate action for Auckland

    OraTaiao submission on Auckland Council's Annual Budget, 24 March 2022

    "OraTaiao welcomes the climate action package – including the targeted rate - which is not only crucial to reducing the city’s growing greenhouse gas emissions, but also offers significant health benefits to residents by improving public transport, cycleways and walkways and increasing urban forests."

    Read full submission here.

  • NZ Doctor: Cascade of impacts, an ambitious plan - Already vulnerable people at highest risk from climate change

    Article on the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities and the need to factor equity into solutions and elevate mātauranga Māori knowledge, with quotes from OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey. Read here.

  • Show your support for a climate friendly Auckland!

    Auckland Council’s annual budget for 2022 - 2023 is out for consultation and the main focus is climate change! Please show your support by making a quick (3 minute) submission by 28 March 2022. 

  • Human physical and mental health already affected by climate change – IPCC report

    MEDIA STATEMENT, 1 March 2022

    Today’s new IPCC report on the impacts of climate change is a stark warning of the physical and mental health impacts on our communities  from climate breakdown. The report, produced by hundreds of experts worldwide, highlights the damage which has already occurred to nature and people from climate change, including more frequent and intense weather events, and warns of an acceleration unless urgent action is taken.

  • NZ Doctor: Climate change urgency nowhere to be seen

    Interview with OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey on health sector emissions, and the need for a sustainability unit in the new health agencies. Read here (subscribers only).

  • Children’s rights and the environment

    OraTaiao submission to the United Nations, 15 February 2022

    "Aotearoa New Zealand is not taking the necessary actions to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of children to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment. This fails children within our nation and our extraterritorial obligations to protect the rights of children globally." Submission to the UN prepared by OraTaiao members Liz Springford, Dr Alison Blaiklock and Dr Penelope Milson.

    Read full submission here.

  • Every wetland counts | He puipuiaki ia rohe koreporepo

    Wetlands are 'climate heroes' - they are a major carbon sink and increase the resilience of communities against floods and storms. Wetlands are uniquely biodiverse, while also contributing to human health through recreation and kai Māori. OraTaiao has collaborated with Forest & Bird to create a pamphlet outlining actions the Government must take to protect wetlands.
  • Radio New Zealand: The Panel with Jennie Moreton and Shane Te Pou (Part 2)

    Listen here to OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey on a panel discussion about gas stoves (11.25 minutes into the panel).

  • Stuff: Gas stoves bad news for household health and the climate, researchers say

    Article on the health and climate impacts of cooking with gas stoves, includes comments from OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey. Read here.

  • Budget 2022 - letter to the Finance and Expenditure Committee

    OraTaiao has written to the Finance and Expenditure Committee about NZ's Budget Policy Statement 2022 recommending that the focus of the budget (and subsequent budgets) have Aotearoa’s response to climate change as the main point. 

  • Submission on Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill

    OraTaiao submission, 9 December 2021

    As one of the largest single public sector source of climate emissions, the health sector requires urgent decarbonisation. Given the majority of these emissions derive from procured services and products, and with the complex organisational interlinks within the sector a dedicated sustainability unit is essential to oversee the process.

    Read full submission here.

  • Emissions Reduction Plan

    OraTaiao submission, 24 November 2021

    The Government's draft plan to reduce emission over the next 15 years is unambitious, flawed in many areas, and inadequate as a plan addressing the “biggest health crisis of the 21st century". The potential to recoup costs of emissions reducing policies with significant health gains, let alone savings from avoided climate change, must drive responsible and effective emissions planning.

    Read full submission here.

  • No nuclear-free moment but a healthy emissions reduction plan still possible

    MEDIA STATEMENT, 18 November 2021

    Was NZ-Aotearoa’s appearance at the world’s climate conference COP26 our nuclear-free moment? “Definitely not,” said OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey, “but the good news is that the government can vastly improve on its COP26 failings by putting in place an emissions reduction plan that achieves a healthier, more resilient and more equitable Aotearoa.”

  • Submit on the government's 15-year Emissions Reduction Plan

    Make a submission on the Government’s first Emissions Reduction Plan 

    The Government is consulting on its plan to reduce emissions over the 15 next years from transport, energy, waste, f-gases, building, construction, agriculture and forestry. We have prepared the submission guide below to help inform you of major points you may choose to include in your own organisational or individual submission. The closing date for making a submission is Wednesday 24 November 2021.

  • NZ Herald: COP26 climate change conference 2021 ends, so where did it get us?

    Article about the results of the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, including comment from OraTaiao Co-convenor Dr Dermot Coffey. Read here.

  • Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill 2021

    OraTaiao submission, 3 November 2021

    OraTaiao commends the aims of this Bill, namely to increase the supply of and demand for zero- and low-emissions vehicles for purchase in New Zealand. However, we advise the Bill be strengthened significantly in some important areas.

    Read full submission here